APP Analytics

UniCloud could provide service of value data and statistical analysis for different kinds of products, In a according to the big data that will help us to deeper understand about the action from members. E.g., active value, retained data, Behavior, Devices, location……etc.

Consumption structure

UniCloud could help clients to know Consumption structure about products, Include: Paying user, Paying Account-Time, Average Revenue per User, Payment Channels, Paying Behavior, etc. Could grasp the situation about Consumption of members more accurately, and with marketing activities that will raise the income.

Game Analytics

UniCloud could In-Depth Game analysis, such as Character level, quests, items, skills, etc. To help developers understand the game trend currently, and the value is set to optimize the game.

Campaign Tracking

UniCloud is efforts at Advertising effectiveness on Real-time tracking, clicks, downloads, Installs, Conversion Rate, Paid status,…etc. To analyze the effectiveness of the promotion of the most authentic data for customers, and also provide the same type of product specification data and trend statistics reference.